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Weight Training @ Fieldhouse/Stadium


6:00 - 7:00am or

Tuesday and Thursday

3-4pm Study Table, 4-5:30 Workouts

Must wear appropriate shorts, shirt and SHOES! No sandals or boots!

We are an organization that teaches more than the game of football. Our mission is to grow young men that understand the meaning of being part of a team and putting in hard work! Our hope is that every player who spends time in our program goes on to be a productive member of our Bearcat community!

Our Commitment

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As coaches we are committed to moving our kids to the next level. Our goal is that any player at Battle Creek Central who wishes to play at the next level will be given all the tools and resources needed to do so. We take pride in sending our kids to college, and work very hard to make sure they have opportunities if they want them. Even if they don't want to play football, we want them going to college! Our program is centered around getting kids to the next level, whether they are playing there or not!

Our Mission